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Tommy Wells to Hold Oversight Hearing on Police Conduct

(Washington, D.C.) - On Friday, January 24, Councilmember Tommy Wells, Chairperson of the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety, will convene a public oversight hearing on police conduct. The oversight hearing will review policies and procedures related to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) standards, training, internal investigations and interventions regarding police officer conduct.

WHAT: Police Conduct Oversight Hearing
WHEN: TODAY, Friday, January 24, 2:00PM
WHERE: John A. Wilson Building, Room 500, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

To watch the hearing online click here.

"We must review how the Department identifies and investigates reports of criminal conduct by police officers; we need to take a hard look at the hiring standards; we need to know how the Department responds to concerns about questionable conduct before that conduct becomes criminal," said Wells.

Recent reports of police misconduct in the MPD 7th District have been accompanied by news of 14 MPD officer arrests in 2013 and a September, 2012 Washington Examiner report that more than 90 officers had been arrested in the previous 3½ years.

DC Council set to debate minimum wage bill

Video from WUSA 9 CBS
Written report from WTOP 103.5 FM Radio

WASHINGTON - A bill forcing Wal-Mart to pay employees more didn't make it past the mayor's desk, but D.C. lawmakers are now eyeing a higher minimum wage for all workers. 

D.C. Councilman Tommy Wells, who is running for mayor, says a majority of the council is in agreement on that goal, and he's confident that a minimum-wage hike will pass: "The only question is, how high does the minimum wage go and how soon?"

Wells would raise the minimum wage from $8.25 to $10.25 over the next year and a half. 

Separate tax breaks would allow workers to take home more pay, and give relief to small businesses who will be paying workers more.

He expects the council to pass a bill by December or January.

CNN - Tommy Wells & CNN Discuss Decriminalization of Marijuana in DC

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer discusses Councilmember Tommy Wells' proposal to decriminalize marijuana.

CNN's Rene Marsh reports on a new proposal that could decriminalize marijuana use in Washington, D.C. Marsh discusses the proposed legislation with the bill's author, Councilmember Tommy Wells in Freedom Plaza. 

"This is really an issue of social justice," said Tommy Wells. "Ninety percent of the arrest in Washington, D.C. for criminal possession of marijuana are African American, when we are a city that is only about 48 percent African American. The over criminalization of African American youth is so much due to the criminalization of marijuana. And to what end? It means that you are so much less likely to be able to get a job, go to school, or get housing, and that just doesn't make sense."

Wells: Possible Federal Shutdown's Impact on DC Residents is an Outrage

(Washington, D.C.) - Today, DC Councilmember Wells released the following statement regarding the potential impacts of a U.S. government shutdown on the District of Columbia and its residents:

"It's an outrage that DC residents may suffer once again because of the dysfunctional behavior of Republicans in Congress," said Wells.  "This sorry incident is one more emphatic example why DC needs full voting rights and full budget autonomy now. It's ridiculous that our city is held hostage to the federal budget. No other state in the country - no other city - has to go through this.

"Our residents deserve the services they've paid for.  District residents shouldn't suffer just because Congress can't get their act together."

District of Columbia residents face a suspension several important local government services if the Federal government shuts down due to a failure of the House and Senate to pass a funding bill by Sept. 30. A shutdown would require some DC agencies to close, including the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, the Department of Public Works and the DC Public Libraries.  Trash collection and street sweeping would be suspended, and there would be limited operations in the health and human services departments.

Tommy Wells Discusses Need to Stop Illegal Guns from Entering DC

Tommy Wells joins the Politics Hour with Kojo Namdi and Tom Sherwood to discuss the need to stop illegal guns from entering DC.

Second Annual Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Waiver Beneficiary Fair

On Tuesday, September 17, 2013, from 9:00am to 3:00pm, the Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) Division of Long Term Care will host the second Elderly and Persons with Disabilities (EPD) Waiver Beneficiary Fair at the Kennedy Recreation Center, 1407 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001, near the Shaw Metro Station.

The event that will provide residents with information about the EPD Waiver program and services. At the beneficiary fair you will have the opportunity to:

-    Bring your questions/concerns and get answers

-    Learn more about Medicaid  and the EPD Waiver program
-    Take part in our raffle drawing and win prizes
-    Meet various stakeholders including: EPD Waiver Providers, DC Government agencies  and DHCF EPD Waiver staff

There will be two breakout sessions. The morning session will focus on the services and operations of the EPD Waiver program. The afternoon session will focus on community resources and services available to beneficiaries. The intent of these sessions is to foster discussions and to share best practices about person-centered planning.   To register for the for the event click here

Overtime Questions Prompt Further Review

Fox 5's Matt Ackland had a report tonight on Tommy's request for more information and for the Inspector General to review excessive overtime at FEMS (DC's fire department).

Tommy Joins News Talk To Talk Resignation of Kwame Brown and the District's Path Forward

Councilmember Tommy Wells joined News Talk's Bruce DePuyt this morning to talk about the resignation of former Chairman Kwame Brown, the culture of ethics and leadership in the city, and Council's path forward. The interview is posted online in two segments; both are included below.

Smart Growth America Highlights Tommy's "5 Minute Living" Vision

Smart Growth America highlighted Tommy and his work in Washington, DC's neighborhoods for their latest speakers series. SGA notes DC has experienced "a huge resurgence in recent years, and nowhere in the city is this more visible than DC's Ward 6." Tommy talks about creating a livable, walkable city and realizing the vision of what he calls "5-minute living." This video is part of Smart Growth America's Smart Growth Stories series, which highlights some of the most interesting and exciting smart growth work being done across the country.

Tommy Talks Safety With Gibson Plaza Neighbors

Councilmember Wells met with residents of Gibson Plaza in the Shaw neighborhood and the "new" Ward 6. In this video, Tommy talks about how he's working with resident leaders, building managers, MPD leaders and others to improve safety and work on neighborhood concerns around Gibson Plaza and Shaw. Thanks to GPA for creating this short video!

Tommy Speaks with Kojo Nnamdi and Tom Sherwood About Ethics and Pay-To-Play

Tommy joined Kojo Nnamdi and Tom Sherwood for the Politics Hour on Friday, April 27th. In discussion with Kojo and Tom, Tommy said that in the wake of the Harry Thomas Jr. corruption scandal, and despite some efforts by the council to pass new ethics guidelines, there is still a "pay-to-play" perception of the council. He noted though, that although it's a difficult time for the city government, the city itself is thriving. Watch the video below:

Tommy Talks Streetcars for DC

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells sits down to talk about streetcars for DC -- the next generation of public transit that will better connect and serve our neighborhoods across the city.

Tommy Talks About the Future of DC Public Libraries

With the city reviewing its budget priorities for the upcoming year, Tommy talks about what he's learned about DC Public Libraries over the last few months and what is needed in next year's budget to continue the success of our library system.

Tommy Talks Speed Limits for Neighborhood Roads

Yesterday, Tommy talked with Fox 5's Matt Ackland about the proposal to make the speed limits on small residential streets 15 miles per hour. It's already the speed limit around most schools, but commuter traffic cutting through small residential streets creates hazards for children, seniors and all pedestrians. The slower speed limit could help to make our local streets as safe as possible. The news report accurately noted that this wouldn't change the speed limit on commuter roads and rather, is focused on neighborhood streets. Watch the full story below:

DC Council Members Seek Lowering Speed Limits To 15 MPH in Most Residential Areas:

Wells Calls on Several Taxicab Reforms

Recently, Tommy talked with Fox 5's Matt Ackland about what's needed to improve taxicab service in the District. Citing that the District of Columbia Taxicab Commission has been a failure, Tommy recommends taking a different approach to managing the industry. He also lays out several ideas to improve the rider experience -- such as installing credit card machines in cabs and requiring a uniform color or design. Watch the full story below:

DC Council Member Tommy Wells Seeks Changes in Taxicab Operations:

Tommy Leads Bike Tour Over South Capitol Street Bridge

On Thursday, July 28, 2011, Tommy led a group of cyclists across the South Capitol Street / Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge to talk about the challenges cyclists face, and how the city can help make sure there are safe connections on both sides of the Anacostia River. Fox 5 covered the ride, watch their story below:

DC Council Member Tommy Wells Bringing Attention To Bike Safety in DC:

Tommy Joins Bruce DePuyt on News Talk

On Tuesday, July 19, 2011, Tommy joined Bruce DePuyt on News Talk for a conversation about the city's direction and leadership. Tommy talked about several timely issues and responds to the current issues of city leadership, but said he remains focused on the push to make the District a more "livable, walkable" city.

Tommy Spends Time with Kojo Nnamdi on The Politics Hour

On Friday, July 15, 2011, Tommy joined Kojo Nnamdi, Tom Sherwood and Jim Vance for a discussion on the The Politics Hour to talk about the city's leadership and issues facing residents of the District.Tommy added during the show, "We need a strong chair that can operate our government in a way that restores and feels good confidence to the people we govern." Watch both clips, provided by WAMU 88.5, below.

Tommy on our Ward Transportation Summits & Listening Tour

The Ward 7 Rediscover the Bus Summit and Listening Tour was a big success. And we're coming to other wards over the next couple of weeks. Here's what's scheduled so far:

  • Ward 8 Transportation Summit & Listening Tour
    Saturday, April 9, 2011, 12:00 pm, United Planning Organization, 1649 Good Hope Rd., SE
  • Ward 4 Transportation Summit & Listening Tour
    Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 6:30 pm, Northern Metrobus Garage, 4615 14th St., NW
  • Ward 5 Transportation Summit & Listening Tour
    Thursday, April 14, 2011, 6:30 pm, Turkey Thicket Recreation Center, 1100 Michigan Ave., NE

Check out Tommy's comments and watch the video below:

Tommy Talks About DC Bus Service

Earlier this week, Tommy posted some thoughts about how DC can rediscover the bus. Click here to read his blog post. Today, we're sharing a video Tommy created to help explain what rediscovering the bus means to him, and asks you to chime in. Lastly, he rolls out his listening tour, starting Saturday, March 12th in Ward 7. Click here for those details.

Tommy Calls to Keep Solar Decathlon in DC

With news that the National Park Service might move the highly successful Solar Decathlon off the National Mall and outside of Washington, DC, Tommy asks residents to rally around a call to keep the Solar Decathlon in DC.

Watch the video below, or check it out on Facebook by .

Tommy Discusses the Winter Sidewalk Safety Bill

Each winter, uncleared snow and ice on sidewalks traps residents - particularly seniors and individuals with disabilities - on their blocks. At best, it forces pedestrians into the road to compete with cars and trucks, and at worst, it creates very dangerous conditions and leaves residents with little options to get around their own neighborhood.

Learn the details of the proposal by watching the video below, or check it out on Facebook by .


Tommy Talks About Public Safety, Chief Lanier & Sharing Juvenile Information

Tommy discusses his partnership with MPD Chief Cathy Lanier and how he works with the police to improve public safety; including his legislation that allows better sharing of important juvenile information to attack problems at the source and provide better resources for youth or families at risk.

Tommy Talks About the Importance of Great Middle Schools

Tommy talks about how a love for learning begins in middle school and our shared priority to make improvements that builds on the success in our elementary schools.

Tommy Talks About Neighborhood Schools Supporting Ward 6 Families

Tommy talks about why neighborhoods that support families need access to great schools, and how Ward 6 schools are starting to meet those needs.

Tommy Talks About Marriage Equality in DC

Tommy speaks about his vote in support of DC's marriage equality law and the importance of protecting the basic rights of every citizen.

Tommy Talks About Rights for LGBT Families

Tommy talks about the importance of protecting the legal rights of our LGBT families and promotes DC's stance on marriage equality as a model for building stronger communities.

Tommy Talks About Raising Families in Ward 6

In Ward 6, families are having more and more options to grow their family and have their children succeed - from neighborhood schools within walking distance of their homes, to programs that challenge and add to their child's experience such as Sports on The Hill and the DC Youth Orchestra.

Tommy Talks About Adding Safer Pedestrian Crosswalks

Across Ward 6 and DC, pedestrian safety is a struggle. Tommy highlights the type of road construction that builds a safer pedestrian raised crosswalk and helps ensure the road is shared with everyone.