Since joining the D.C. Council, Tommy has won support throughout Washington for his fundamental goal: creating a livable and walkable city for all. He brings the skill to forge the kind of collaboration that translates great ideas into real improvements. Whether bringing Ward 6 residents back to their neighborhood schools or creating the next generation of public transportation, Tommy works with the leadership and communities in every corner of Ward 6 — from the Southwest Waterfront to the H Street Corridor, from Shaw to Capitol Hill — to guide development that focuses on neighborhood needs.


Latest News

May 30, 2013Wells Seeks to Crackdown on Businesses Supporting Robberies   Wells Seeks to Crackdown on Businesses Supporting Robberies

On Wednesday, May 29, Councilmember Tommy Wells, Chair of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, held a public hearing on a bill designed to deter robberies by cracking down on businesses that purchase and resell stolen goods.  Councilmember Wells introduced the “Personal Property Robbery Prevention Amendment Act of 2013” earlier this spring in response to increasingly violent robberies of personal property – smartphones or designer apparel – which are easily resold.

Councilmember Wells commented, “After a steep decline in violent crime, recently we have seen an increase in crime directly related to personal property robberies. I refuse to stand by quietly as citizens of the District walk in fear of being the next target of these violent crimes.”

To read a full copy of Councilmember Wells opening statement click here.

According to statistics provided by the Metropolitan Police Department, 1,482 robberies have been reported in the District this calendar year. 743 of these robberies – 50 percent – were robberies of mobile phones. Many of these stolen cell phones are then sold for a quick profit and experience has revealed that some local businesses were among those buying these cell phones.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier commented, “As you know, the scope of the problem is massive. Over the past six years in the District, the percentage of robberies in which a cell phone was taken increased from just 24 percent to half of all robberies. And unfortunately, in some cases the criminals are inflicting serious personal injury on their victims, often just for a cell phone.”


To read a full copy of Chief Lanier’s prepared testimony click here.

To learn more about the “Personal Property Robbery Prevention Amendment Act of 2013,” Bill 20-143 click here.

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May 29, 2013Wells Issues Statement on Retirement of Ginnie Cooper, Chief Librarian for DC Public Library  
Tommy Wells Issues Statement on Retirement of Ginnie Cooper, Chief Librarian for DC Public Library

Councilmember Tommy Wells issued the following statement regarding the news of the planned retirement of Ginnie Cooper, Chief Librarian for the DC Public Library System. Councilmember Wells worked with Ms. Cooper throughout her 7 year tenure as Chief Librarian and they worked very closely during his tenure chairing the Council committee with oversight of the DC Public Library System.

“As Chief Librarian for the District of Columbia, Ginnie Cooper took a system in profound disrepair and transformed it into a state-of-the-art library system, one for which we can all be proud. Look to any of the 14 library buildings renovated or restored during her tenure and you will see the effect of her determination and vision.

In a city filled with federal memorials and museums, she has created a series of local landmarks that are both architectural achievements and an enormous source of community pride. In some of the most under-served neighborhoods – many that hadn’t seen investment in years – Ginnie created beacons for inspiration and opportunity. These libraries are gathering places where people of all ages, backgrounds, and incomes come to learn, explore, and join with their community. Under her leadership, DCPL service and programming has flourished – circulation has tripled, access to computers grown exponentially, and the branch story times are among the most popular events in the city. Broward Bathroom restoration 

Our city is truly a greater place for her leadership and vision.”

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May 23, 2013E-News Update on Community Events & Council Activities 

Dear Neighbors,

I want to wish you a happy Memorial Day weekend. I hope you will enjoy all the wonderful Memorial events our neighborhoods have to offer this weekend from concerts and parades to baseball and performances. We do all Bathroom Remodeling Miami services for all south florida residents; renovating your bathroom could easily change your life!

In this e-newsletter you will find upcoming community events and news on my recent actions in the Council. This is a new newsletter format for my office, and I would like your feedback. Let me know what you think by emailing our team here: provide your data recovery


Constituent Services

Office Hours. This morning, I met with neighbors in the Mt. Vernon Square area. We showed our support for emerging entrepreneurial businesses during my regularly scheduled Office Hours at the  Pop-up Cafe at Hogo with Vigilante Coffee.

New Additions. Jack Pfeiffer recently joined my staff as Communication Director and Policy Advisor. Pfeiffer is working with the office to help strengthen outreach, expand policy perspectives and continue the office’s constant efforts at improving constituent services. Click here to read more…

Constituent Services. My constituent services staff is standing by to aid you on: taxes, building permits, business licensing and regulations, rental housing or utility assistance, public assistance, DMV issues, public services, and neighborhood transportation and infrastructure issues. Click here to request constituent assistance.

FY14 Budget Report

Yesterday, the Council gave initial approval (the first of two major votes) on the city’s budget for next year. This budget moves us closer to providing livable walkable communities in every corner of our city.  It does so by increasing public safety, improving transparency and stability in our schools, supporting transit equity, and maximizing investments social safety nets. Click here for more details…


Supporting Progress & Development along the Anacostia River

During the budget process, I was very happy to work with my colleagues to restore funding for development projects along the Anacostia River that will be used to create new jobs and residences, and importantly, will serve as a critical link in the revitalization of the riverfront neighborhood. Click here to read more…

On April 24, I was invited to testify before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Government Operations about a vacant and unused federal building on L Street SE. . Within the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood, we are building the equivalent of a small city – with tens of thousands of residents… The Half Street Market proposal (an initiative led by several residents to reuse the L Street building) seeks to create a vibrant public market alongside workforce development and education program. I believe this initiative warrants support. Click here to read more…

Addressing Critical Issues in Public Safety

On May 13, I presented our work in the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety to the full Council. We made several strategic investments to the committee’s budget focused on better serving our communities in emergencies and improving safety across our city. Click here to read more…

On May 17, I held a hearing on the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (FEMS) Ambulance Redeployment Plan and the Department’s ability to address accountability and readiness concerns. Click here to read more…

Supporting Equal Rights

On May 16, I held a joint hearing with Councilmember Yvette Alexander, Chair of the Committee on Health, regarding transgender rights. Ensuring equal rights for every resident of the District of Columbia is essential and we’re looking at ways we can remove discriminatory barriers to a transgender individual acquiring a birth certificate with correct information. Click here to read more…


Memorial Day Weekend Events

  • Yards Park Free Concert – 6:30-8:30pm Justin Trawick Group (Folk Rock Americana)


  • Atlas Performing Arts Center free concert U.S. Army Blues – 8:00 pm
  • National Memorial Day Concert – 8:00pm US Capitol West Lawn, gates open at 5pm


  • National Memorial Day Parade – 2:00pm on Constitution Avenue

Wednesday, May 29 – Committee Hearing on Robbery Prevention
John A. Wilson Building Room 412, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
I will hold a hearing on the “Personal Property Robbery Prevention Amendment Act of 2013,” a bill that he introduced. In response to robberies for personal property – such as smartphones or designer apparel which are easily resold – this legislation helps the city target any business acting as a bad neighbor and participating in the cycle of violence by buying suspected stolen goods. To testify contact Jack Pfeiffer at jpfeiffer@dccouncil.us.

Friday, May 31 – Tyler House Job Fair
10:00AM – 2:00 PM
1200 North Capitol St., NW
I have worked with community partners to organize the Tyler House Job Fair. Participating employers will include: Comcast, NoMa BID, WMATA, Safeway, Ramada Inn, Unity Health Care, Giant Foods, Specialty Hospital, and DC Department of Employment Services.

June 6, 8, 11, 13 – Public Meetings on Future Transit Needs
The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is hosting the second round of public workshops in June to discuss moveDC, DDOT’s initiative to develop a strategic, multimodal long range transportation plan for the District.

Saturday, June 22 – 6th Annual Ward 6 Family Day
Canal Park – 200 M St SE.
In coordination with community partners, I will again host the Annual Ward 6 Family Day complete with games, activities and live music. Food will also be provided free of charge.

May 23, 2013Council Gives Initial Approval to FY2014 Budget   Councilmember Tommy Wells Statement on Council’s Approval of FY2014 Budget

Today, Councilmember Tommy Wells voted to give initial approval for the District of Columbia Fiscal Year 2014 budget.

Councilmember Wells stated, “This budget moves us closer to providing every corner of our city livable walkable communities. Through our action in the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety, we made significant investments that will increase support for our first responders and strengthen public safety. In addition, the Council was able to restore critical funding for our neighborhood schools and support improvements in transit equity for all residents. In addition, several important improvements were made to strengthen the safety net for vulnerable residents and families.”

Among the many important investments that Councilmember Wells supported in this budget, are the following:

Public Safety

As the Chair of the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety, Councilmember Wells led a successful effort to increases our first responders’ ability to react to emergencies and keep our city safe with a budget that includes:

•    10 additional dual role paramedic positions
•    Increased funding for aggressive paramedic recruitment, hiring and professional development
•    $8 million for new and replacement FEMS equipment
•    Full support for a police force of 4,000 officers.
•    Significant new investments in force multiplying digital technologies
•    New funding for more 911 call center training
•    Creation of a domestic violence hotline to help victims in crisis
•    Increased support for victims services


As a member of the Committee on Education, Councilmember Wells supported the following efforts to respond to parent and school community concerns focused on supporting our neighborhood schools:

•    Helped stabilize schools’ budget and staffing with the creation of a new stabilization fund to ensure that no school will experience more than a 5% gross reduction to their budget.
•    Restored library services for schools impacted by the change in small school designation policy.
•    Ensured a more transparent and public process that engages families and school communities by moving decisions regarding boundary decisions to the 2015-2016 school year and requiring that any changes be finalized and made public one full school year in advance before they can take effect.

Transit Equity 

Worked to increase transit equity by fighting for expanded Circulator services, including both a route in Southwest DC, as well as extensions east in the city to enhance bus transit access.

Strengthening the Safety Net

In addition to significant new funding for the Housing Production Trust Fund and social service supports, Councilmember Wells had outlined two additional priorities that were both funded in the final budget.

•    The budget funds the Schedule H Property Tax Relief Act, a law that expanded and updated eligibility for property tax relief for low-income residents to address the rising cost of housing.
•    Wells also worked to include funding for a pilot program for emergency rental assistance and rapid-rehousing for single adults that otherwise fall into emergency homeless shelters or worse, end up living on the streets.

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WHEN:  Friday, May 31, 2018 – 10:00 AM – 2:00PM
WHERE: Tyler House Lobby – 1200 North Capitol St., NW

Employers Accepting Applications On-Site:

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