Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety

Committee Jurisdiction

The Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety is responsible for matters affecting the judiciary and judicial procedure which are within the authority of the Council; matters affecting decedents' estates and fiduciary affairs; matters affecting administrative law and procedure; matters affecting criminal law and procedure; ex-offender affairs; matters arising from or pertaining to the police and fire regulations of the District of Columbia; and other matters related to police protection, correctional institutions (including youth corrections), fire prevention, emergency medical services, homeland security, criminal justice and public safety.

Agencies that fall under this Committee:

-  Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure
-  Corrections Information Council
-  Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
-  Department of Corrections
-  Department of Forensic Sciences
-  Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice
-  Fire and Emergency Medical Services
-  Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
-  Judicial Nomination Commission
-  Justice Grants Administration
-  Metropolitan Police Department
-  National Guard
-  Office of Administrative Hearings
-  Office of Police Complaints
-  Office of the Attorney General
-  Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
-  Office of Unified Communications
-  Office of Victim Services
-  Office on Returning Citizen Affairs
-  Sentencing and Criminal Code Revision Commission
Committee Chair: Tommy Wells

Committee Members: Jack Evans, Mary Cheh, Muriel Bowser, Anita Bonds

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